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Saturday, June 03, 2006


BUSINESS - Large market share available for IONIAN AIRLINES

Air transportation revenue in Europe accounts for approximately half of the global air transport market. It is a market undergoing technological revolution to meet new consumer demand for low cost-low fare value for money, air transportation.

Ionian Airlines has developed a unique strategic plan which will be implemented for the first time within the geographical region of Greece, Mediterranean, Balkans and Europe in general focusing on its expansion to the Eastern part of Europe and the upcoming rising market of Asia.

Ionian Airlines has positioned itself to tackle this advanced and daring project having the experience of a well thought study backed up by experienced associates with its head been one of the most experienced in the field in all aviation aspects.
This market has the potential to reach more than US$2 billion annually, with an annual growth of over 80% after a five year period.


The latest breakthrough in aviation industry came in with the production of the Q400 and the CRJ’s by Bombardier aerospace. The Bombardier CRJ program is universally recognized now as one of the most successful aircraft programs ever. Some have said that the Bombardier CRJ has actually created new markets where none existed before. Whichever way you look at it, the Bombardier CRJ has provided the wings to a whole new way to get around. The Bombardier CRJ700 Series' glass cockpit is state-of-the-art yet retains a high degree of commonality to the Collins suite in the Bombardier CRJ200. This allows easy crew retraining and a same type rating for the Bombardier CRJ aircraft.

IONIAN AIRLINES Technology adaptable to upgrading existing plants
One of the most important features of Bombardiers technology is its adaptability to existing production lines. Speaking of technology and performance the GE CF34-8C engine is a more powerful version of the same powerplant on earlier Bombardier CRJ aircraft. Originally developed for the USAF, the CF34 family has over twenty million flight hours and is highly regarded as one of the most reliable and efficient powerplants ever built. In addition to having improved fuel and cooling efficiencies, the Bombardier CRJ700 Series' powerplant delivers a performance envelope comparable to that of a mainline jet. IONIAN AIRLINES has adapted the chance Bombardier has to offers.

Crews also appreciate the sophisticated Flight Management System on the Bombardier CRJ700 Series, as it assists them in determining the most efficient operating speeds and altitudes for optimal performance.

PRODUCTS - Competitive advantages in superior benefits and cost

IONIAN AIRLINES and Bombardier aircraft offer more value and benefits than any other known aircraft manufactory on the market:

The CRJ700 Series aircraft is a stretched 70-seat derivative of the popular 50-seat CRJ100 and CRJ200 aircraft, powered by two advanced General Electric CF34-8C1 engines. The nine percent (9%) lower specific fuel consumption (sfc) of the -8C1 engine relative to that in the series 200, coupled with the additional seats, gives operators a significant reduction in seat-mile direct operating cost.

The CRJ700 also features comfort and cabin amenities comparable to mainline jets. It is a roomy aircraft with two-by two seating that provides more than six feet two inches of standing headroom. Overhead bins, hot meals galleys, lavatory and efficient climate control system, ensure passenger comfort.

A high cruise speed of Mach 0.81 and range of up to 2005 nautical miles (3.700km) combine to make the CRJ700 the aircraft of choice for non-stop service in medium-size markets. The outstanding performance of the CRJ700 comes from matching advanced aerodynamic design with an exceptional powerplant -two General Electric CF34-3B1 turbofans. In service, the CRJ700 continues to demonstrate performance results that exceed published specifications, burning 10 percent (10%) less fuel than originally predicted and most environmentally-friendly commercial jet aircraft.

MANAGEMENT - Well-rounded and experienced team

Mr. George K. Merianos, President & CEO, has an MBA and over 25 years of multiple aviation experience, aviation/airline technical-management and maintenance experience and research, aviation regulations, development, engineering, hangar maintenance programmer, dispatching procedures, flight operations, personnel training, product innovation, VHF radio communications, line maintenance organizer, risk and safety management, safety and security, health and safety, emergency and disaster management, emergency and firefighting procedures, public relations, airline marketing and international business management.
Mr. G. K. Merianos founded IONIAN AIRLINES Co. in 1997.

Mr. Takis Kanavidis, Director Flight Operations: has more than 25 years of experience in Air Navigation, airline flight crew programming, aviation regulations, crew licensing, flight medical certificates, fuel arrangements, airway facilitation and research, VHF radio frequencies and applications, aircraft weight and balance and dispatching.
Mr. Kanavidis is ready for a startup.

Mr. Spiros Merianos, Director Aircraft Maintenance: has an MBA and PhD and more than 25 years of aircraft maintenance, major over wholes, electric and electronic components, hydraulic systems and general aircraft repairs. Hangar programmer, maintenance personnel programmer, line maintenance, spare parts and shop supplies.
Spiros is waiting the green light and ready to start.

Mr. Marinos Vasilopoulos, Financial Director: has a PhD in economics plus over 20 years of experience as a senior executive officer of major bank in Greece and presently is the financial director of the Ionian University.

Mr. Dionysus Latsas, Director Ground Operations: has over 15 years of experience in operations organization, ramp scheduler, danger goods, personnel scheduler, ground operation equipments maintenance, catering general operations.
Dionysus is anxious and ready to take over.

Mr. Peter Pangalis, Director of Commercial Development: has more than 15 years of experience in airline commercial development, sales, reservations, lost and found, ticketing, public relations and marketing.
He is hot to start at any time.

Mr. Spiros-Nick Hondrogianis, Director of Human Resources: has more than 20 years experience in human resources, state insurance and pension plan, personnel recruiter. Also public relation, marketing and business organizer.
Spiros-Nick declares ready to go.

Mrs. Sofia Papagianeli Director of Cabin Crew Personnel: has more than 10 years experience in commercial airlines ops, in flight crew regulations, safeties, danger goods, public relations, aviation marketing, and personnel management.
She is ready to take over.

Mr. Damon Parlapas, Director of Air Traffic Control (ATC) has over 25 years of experience in air traffic control, CAA, JAA and FAA aviation law and regulations, flight plans, ATC regulations instructor, airway facilitation and expert in Euro Control standards and procedures and instructor to ATC and airline flight crew personnel.
Damon is ready to go ahead.

FINANCIALS - Net income projected in 2006

After the first six month pilot program (prototypes), Management anticipates full implementation in 2006, with net income starting in that year, and building to $ 1.767.778.800 Million in 2010.

INCOME ($ millions) 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 Total A&B
Revenues see tables 84,523.500 202,819.100
+21,542.400 435,609.000 +43,064.000 626,571.000
+90,720.000 566,899.200
+122,400.000 1,916.799.300
2 2,194.525.700
Incurred Expenses
Loan Repayment 43,206.400
- 39,686.100
46,000.000 95,316.400
46,000.000 59,604.600
46,000.000 3,033.400

Net Operational Income
41,317.100 138,675.400 373,068.400 611,686.400 640,265.800

On the above figures, income from cargo and sales of additional services, are not included and those figures are based on one way fare ONLY!

CAPITAL INVESTMENT - $ 300 million needed for pilot and full implementation

To bring this business to fruition and take advantage of the numerous opportunities in the low cost airline marketplace, the management of IONIAN AIRLINES is seeking $ 300 million USD to commercialize its unique airline technology in two phases:

In Phase 1 requires: $ 180 million will be used for a six month pilot/prototype operations project within Greece. This includes the purchase of airplanes, recruiting of personnel, rent of offices and operational supplies, vehicles, electric power, telephone and fax lines, internet, software and hardware throughout all stations ops, sita system, and reservation system throughout all stations, VHF company radio frequency and equipment to optimize and obtain detailed design parameters for full-scale operations.

In Phase 2 requires: $ 120 Million to purchase additional aircraft, rental of office space in every International station plus operational expenses and maintenance hangar with the necessary tooling and equipments plus line maintenance equipment to set up high volume full scale strategic operations.


To be established in the region as a trustworthy, safe, people friendly and profitable airline company thus gaining control of the major air transportation within Europe and beyond.

In addition part of the profits will be invested in subsidiary companies in the tourist industry targeting the local unemployment and at the same time increasing revenues to the airline company.

Furthermore, the company is planning, and it is written in the internal regulations manual, that it will contribute in the form of a scholarship, to the needy children in the local community.

Also, it will provide and cover all transportation needed to kids suffering from cancer and other serious illnesses as well as the parents.

By the end of the five year plan, the Company would be worth hundreds of millions of dollars and its stocks would rise considerably making it the most profitable business to trust and invest!

George K. Merianos
Ionian Airlines

Aircraft Mechanical Engineer
Aviation Tech. Specialist
MBA Airline Management Administration
P.O. Box 300 Corfu 491 00

Mobile Tel: +30 6937 287741 Tel/Fax: +30 2661093752 Email:


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